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OBD2Buy.com is specialized in the sale of automotive diagnostic scanner tool company, our obd products are very complete, and a well-known automobile market any detection products you can buy us here. At the same time, we also offer free technical support, our engineers will guide you use methods and steps you can also download it here to each product's user manual and video, as well as some of the software installation package.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our Car Diagnostic Tools directly from the factory supply, eliminating the need for a fare increase of the middle of a multi-level agents, and each product quality testing and inspection before the sale has to ensure that each product is not a common quality problems.

  • Fast Delivery around the world

    OBD2Buy.com always have enough stock and have a long lasting tire with globally trusted express companies, such as: DHL, UPS, EMS, FedEx, TNT, Singapore post. OBD2Buy.com promises to ship the packages as soon as possible and in a good packaging. OBD2Buy.com ships to many countries around the world.

  • Professional & Unlimited Technical Support

    OBD2Buy.com qualified engineers have been offering and will always offer our customers professional and unlimited technical support including: providing shopping tips in selecting a workable and easy-to-use tool; produce video tutorial; remote assistance; open download & technical support column; share obd2 software driver, manual, operation guide, vehicle list, package list, etc.

  • Safe and Secured Payment

    OBD2Buy.com is available with the most trustable and safest payment options: PayPal, T/T, Western Union and Money Transfer. We are always doing our best to take our customers a safe and easy shopping experience.


Hi, What's wrong with clones ? Let me guess all your equipment is original right? The original first post was if anyone as dealt with the said company. And nothing to do if he manufactures his items or not ! So your opinion is not warranted unless you have dealt with this company! I have dealt with them and my experience was a good one and  Will deal with them again

Thos - mhhauto.com

I think this is the best proof of what OBD2buy.com offers.

I do really support his selling over here and will not accept bad rumors regarding his tools specially for Kess V2 as I got it in less then a week with the token reset tool....

Best regards.

webmaster - mhhauto.com