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Scania VCI 1
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Scania VCI 1 Heavy Duty Scan Tool

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Scania VCI 1 is the first original Scania diagnostic tool designed for maintenance of older trucks, buses, other heavy vehicles and heavy duty engines.

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Scania VCI 1 is a diagnostic tool designed for maintenance of trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles made by Scania. Scania VCI 1 supports heavy vehicles made by Scania only before 2004 year (all Scania vehicles and engines made after 2004 year is not compatible and not supported by Scania VCI 1 diagnostic interface). VCI 1 diagnostic tool allows you to do diagnostics and programming on Scania heavy vehicles. VCI 1 supports on-board diagnostic systems of Scania 3 and 4 series buses and trucks. VCI 1 works with Scania SD2 (Scania Diagnos) software and Scania SP2 (Scania Programmer) software.

Scania VCI 1 supported systems

  • APS ֠Air processing system;
  • BWS ֠Body work system;
  • BCS ֠Bus chassis system;
  • EBS ֠Brake management system;
  • EEC ֠Exhaust emission control system;
  • EMS ֠Engine management system;
  • COO ֠Coordinator;
  • ICL ֠Instrument cluster;
  • TCO ֠Tachograph system
  • ATA, WTA, CTS and AUS ֠Auxiliary heater system, Clock timer system, Radio;
  • OPC and RET ֠Gearbox management system;
  • SMS ֠Suspension management system;
  • RTI ֠Road traffic information;
  • TPM ֠Tyre Pressure Monitoring;
  • LDW ֠Lane Departure Warning;

This tool needs PC with RS232 (COM PORT) or any modern PC with USB and additional USB ֠RS 232 converter adapter.

Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) is the interface which is used between a computer and for Scania 3 and 4 series (buses, trucks) under 2004 year.

Supported systems:
  APS - Air processingsystem   BWS - Body work system
  BCS - Bus chassis system
  EBS - Brake management system
  EEC - Exhaust emission control system
  EMS - Engine management system
  COO - Coordinator
  ICL - Instrument cluster
  TCO - Tachograph system
  ATA, WTA, CTS and AUS - Auxiliary heater system, Clock timer system, Radio
  OPC and RET - Gearbox management system
  SMS - Suspension management system
  RTI - Road traffic information
  TPM - Tyre Pressure Monitoring
  LDW - Lane Departure Warning

1. Diagnostic Interface VCI1.

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